Wise Women – me and my future

Women face some unique challenges which may impact their financial future. Our goal is to provide information and tools to help you make smart choices that your future self will be proud of.

Why is planning for your retirement so important?

New Zealand women are generally lagging behind men when it comes to being prepared for retirement.

On average, women:

  • are more likely to take more time out of the workforce
  • earn less than men
  • tend to retire two years earlier
  • live longer.

This means that women are generally less confident about reaching their longer term financial goals.

Watch the video to find out what New Zealand women said when we asked about their retirement savings.

Here you will find information and tools to help you take control of your financial future and achieve your goals.

Parental leave? Keep on top of your savings

Taking a career break to care for children is a decision that parents tend to make gladly, but it comes with a financial price. Luckily it’s one that’s fairly easy to address.

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Finding financial balance, together

As any relationship expert will tell you, good relationships require communication and negotiation. Good finances usually require the same.

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Must have insurance for women

Women make huge contributions to a household, and it’s often much more than just a pay cheque. This contribution should be recognised when it comes to your life insurance.

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Imagining your retirement

Connecting with your future self can sometimes feel a little daunting. But reframing the concept of retirement and putting a creative slant on planning might just do the trick.

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Sudden money managers

When you’ve had someone helping you look after your money, it can be daunting when you go it alone. Here are three tips for making a successful transition to financial independence.  

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Beating procrastination

Procrastinating about getting your finances in order – such as delaying investing or making important financial decisions – can come with big consequences for your future self.

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Twitter hit list: business women

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has become a go-to for words of wisdom, snappy advice and no-holds-barred opinions. Get inspired in 140 characters or less! Here’s a list of the nine most inspirational, game-changing business women to follow on Twitter – and why.

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Great finance apps

Thanks to the rise of finance and money management apps, information about your expenses, savings, mortgages, personal loans and investments is only a click away.

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How ANZ can help

We have experts located across the country, plus plenty of online information, tools and resources that can help you get your finances in order.

More information about our investment and insurance solutions can be found on our website.

Plus, ANZ offers a range of other insurance and banking solutions.

Visit any ANZ Branch, call 0800 269 296 or talk to a financial adviser.

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