ANZ Retirement Savings Confidence Barometer

Launched in June 2012, the Retirement Savings Confidence Barometer is ANZ’s quarterly survey which measures how confident New Zealanders feel about reaching their retirement savings goals.

Who provides the research?

Research conducted from 1 April 2014 is provided by McCulley Research Ltd. Prior to 1 April 2014, the research was provided by IPSOS.

Full questions, sampling and methodology details are available on request.

How is retirement income calculated for the purposes of the survey?

For ANZ’s Retirement Savings Confidence Barometer, researchers survey people aged 15-64 years about the level of retirement income they would like to have in addition to NZ Superannuation.

The survey presents respondents with the lump sum they would need to save by age 65 to generate their chosen additional income, and asks how confident they are of reaching their goal.

How much will you need for your retirement?

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