Understanding performance

What affects your savings?

Your savings can go up or down because of the investment performance of your fund. Investment performance reflects gains or losses made when assets our funds invest in change in value or earn income. 

For information see: 

Costs, fees and taxes are also deducted from the funds. The annual fund charge is calculated daily and will reduce a fund’s unit price.

For more information, see the guide and product disclosure statement for the KiwiSaver scheme you belong to:

Watch our video to learn more about performance and how it affects your retirement savings.

Comparing KiwiSaver funds

With multiple managers offering different types of funds, it’s important to make sure that you’re making the right comparisons.

Some things to take into account:

  • make sure you compare apples with apples by assessing similar fund types (e.g. compare balanced funds with balanced funds)
  • don’t just look at fees on their own – lower fees could mean a fund is managed differently and this could have an impact on its ultimate performance
  • bear in mind that past fund performance isn’t a guarantee of future performance, and that funds that have performed well in the past relative to other similar funds may not do so in the future. 


Fund updates

One way of comparing KiwiSaver funds and investment performance is to read and understand their quarterly fund updates.

KiwiSaver managers are required to produce quarterly fund updates about the funds in their KiwiSaver schemes in a simple and standardised form, so you can easily compare them.

Where can you find more information?

Comparing KiwiSaver schemes and funds can be a time-consuming business. Thankfully, a number of online resources can help you make useful comparisons. We suggest you try:

  • Market review - a summary of how the funds you're invested in have performed.
  • ANZ’s website – includes current and historic unit prices, fund performance, actual investment mix reports, fund updates, our guide and product disclosure statement and information about fees.
  • Morningstar website – a resource for comparing and assessing performance.
  • FundSource website – for general information and comparisons of KiwiSaver fund performance.
  • Sorted website - in particular the KiwiSaver fund finder tool which allows you to compare KiwiSaver funds based on returns, fees and services.
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