How to make changes

How to change funds

You can choose where your KiwiSaver savings are invested – and you don’t have to stay with your first choice of fund within the ANZ KiwiSaver Scheme or the ANZ Default KiwiSaver Scheme. At any time, you can switch your savings from one fund to another within the scheme, or switch to our Lifetimes option.

If you want help choosing, you can:

  • complete the ‘Risk Profile Tool’ to identify your risk/return profile and which fund might be right for you
  • seek personalised financial advice from a financial adviser.

Tell us your choice

There are a number of ways you can switch funds. If you have access to ANZ Internet Banking, you can switch your fund online. Or you can:

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How to change schemes

You’re free to apply for membership with any KiwiSaver manager, although you may want to consider the benefits of each manager and the impact on your savings before you look to change.

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