What we'll send you

KiwiSaver account communications

When you join one of our KiwiSaver schemes, we'll send you a Welcome Pack with your investor number to introduce you to our scheme and the available tools.

Then each year, we’ll send you:

  • a statement showing how much was in your KiwiSaver account on 31 March
  • a PIE tax certificate
  • a notice when the scheme's annual report and financial statements are available
  • newsletters.

Get your communications via email

If you’d prefer email to paper, you can get most of your communications electronically (you’ll save some trees this way, too). Plus, you’ll also receive our quarterly Spotlight newsletter, delivered right to your inbox, free of charge.

To provide or update your email address, email your full name, date of birth and IRD number to service@anzinvestments.co.nz, or call us on 
0800 736 034.

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