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Active management and why after-fee returns are important 

Graham Ansell | January 2018

The investment approach your provider takes is an important factor that'll have an impact on the level of returns you can expect to receive, the fees you'll pay and the ability to grow your savings over the long term. 

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Advice for your future

January 2018

Recent research by the Financial Services Council (FSC) has found nearly four in 10 retirees regret not seeking more financial advice. Will you be one of them?

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What lies ahead for 2018?

Craig Mulholland | January 2018

2017 was a momentous year in financial markets, with the New Zealand and global shares up by around 20%.

Find out what we expect for the year ahead, plus we have some top tips to make sure you make the most out of your investment.

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MARKET FLASH: (a big week for financial markets)

Graham Ansell | December 2017

Graham Ansell, Head of Investment Management at ANZ Investments, looks back at an important week for financial markets and discusses what it means for members of ANZ Investments’ three KiwiSaver schemes.

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ANZ Investments' KiwiSaver schemes awarded Platinum ratings for 4th consecutive year

Craig Mulholland | December 2017

Choosing the right KiwiSaver scheme provider is one of the most important investment decisions New Zealanders will make when it comes to their retirement savings. And as New Zealand’s largest KiwiSaver scheme provider, managing over 725,000 members’ savings is a responsibility we take seriously.

That’s why we’re proud that independent research firm SuperRatings has awarded its Platinum rating to all three of our KiwiSaver schemes for the fourth year in a row.

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Term deposits or investment funds?

November 2017

Having your money in term deposits is a convenient way to save. They’ll deliver you with fixed returns, but the level of interest you’ll get from them today, at least compared to say 10 years ago, is not as attractive. There are however other types of investments, such as ANZ’s investment funds, which over the long term could deliver you with more competitive returns and greater flexibility.

Here we take a look at the features of term deposits and investment funds, as both are great options depending upon your circumstances.

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Is it time for a retirement reality check?

October 2017

Are you on course for the retirement you want? ANZ research indicates many New Zealanders may not be. Our Retirement Expectations survey˜ showed kiwis have high expectations for their retirement - the majority said they were looking forward to living in a holiday home, travelling or buying a new car. But are we setting time aside to plan how we’ll pay for these retirement ambitions?

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Reflecting on KiwiSaver: the people's views

Ana-Marie Lockyer | September 2017

Ten years on, ANZ Investments wants to ensure KiwiSaver remains a successful vehicle to help New Zealanders save for retirement. So we teamed up with UMR Research to survey 1,000 people on their views. Results are in and here’s what our respondents would like to see. 

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Dollars and Sense: A Decade of KiwiSaver

Craig Mulholland | September 2017

Over the past 10 years, KiwiSaver has continued to evolve, as have people's interactions with it. To share our views, we have produced 'Dollars and Sense: A Decade of KiwiSaver' – a report highlighting our key recommendations to ensure the KiwiSaver initiative continues to support New Zealanders' retirement outcomes.

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Chocolate, escalators, yo-yos and… investing?

Graham Ansell | April 2017

Investing is about more than just awards. When it comes to your hard earned money, you want to know your investment is being managed by experts! The good news is that ANZ Investments is the smart choice for your retirement savings, and in this article we explain why.

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Time vs. Timing – which is the right choice?

Graham Ansell | January 2017

The year 2016 was full of surprises. From the shock Brexit decision in the UK to the equally unexpected (if you listen to the media) election of Donald Trump. Both events were heavily covered by the media in the lead up, and most outlets – and even experts – forecast significant impacts to the world markets.

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Meet our experts 

Craig Mulholland Photo


  Craig Mulholland
  Managing Director, Wealth



Craig is responsible for ANZ’s wealth business in New Zealand which includes our insurance products, and funds management including KiwiSaver, Private Bank and Wholesale portfolios. Prior to accepting this role, Craig was General Counsel and Company Secretary, responsible for legal and corporate governance matters for ANZ and its New Zealand businesses. He has been a senior executive in a range of industries in New Zealand and overseas and is a director on a number of companies.


Ana Marie Lockyer Photo


  Ana-Marie Lockyer
  General Manager, Wealth Products



Ana-Marie sits on the Wealth Executive Team and is currently responsible for the end-to-end ownership of ANZ’s funds and insurance products and member experience for more than 1.5 million customers. Ana is also a director for ANZ Samoa, board member on the Financial Services Council and councillor of WorkPlace Savings New Zealand.


Graham Ansell Photo


  Graham Ansell
  Chief Investment Officer



Graham is responsible for the management of ANZ Investments’ Investment Management team, a role he been in for five years. Prior to this, Graham spent 15 years as Head of Fixed Interest, responsible for the management and oversite of all global and domestic fixed interest portfolios. Graham’s career began in 1987 with eight years at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. He spent four years in the Bank’s Monetary Policy Implementation section and a further four years in the Foreign Reserve Management office managing US dollar, yen and deutschmark fixed interest portfolios.


Trisha Edmonds 1 

  Trisha Edmonds
  Head of Advisory, Distribution Funds



Trisha is responsible for Advisory Distribution in the investment space, working with external Authorised Financial Advisers across the New Zealand financial services industry. Trisha is passionate about all New Zealanders being able to access quality financial advice, particularly with the growth and success of KiwiSaver enabling individuals to have lifestyles of their choice in their retirement years.


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How styles of investment management affect returns and fees

Graham Ansell | October 2016

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Parental leave? Keep on top of your savings

Ana-Marie Lockyer | July 2015

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Finding financial balance, together

Trisha Edmonds | July 2015

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Beating procrastination

Ana-Marie Lockyer | July 2015

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