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Greater flexibility for KiwiSaver members

April 2019

More flexibility and more clarity – that’s the outcome of recent changes to KiwiSaver being introduced by the Government. In this article we outline the changes – and more importantly, what the changes mean for existing or prospective KiwiSaver members.

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A strong recovery in markets to start the year

February 2019

If you’re a member of one of our KiwiSaver schemes, or an investor in one of ANZ’s investment funds, it’s likely that you noticed a corresponding dip in your account balance. Most of our funds invest in many different types of investments, including shares, bonds, property and cash, and so the big falls in share markets may have been reflected in the value of your investments.

You may still be concerned and so we wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happened since the start of this year.

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What's happened to your investment account balance?

Craig Mulholland | January 2019

If you're a member of one of our KiwiSaver schemes, or an investor in one of ANZ's investment funds, it's possible you've noticed that your investment account balance has gone up and down recently. You might be concerned about what this means for your investments and so we want to explain what's been happening and why there's no cause to panic.

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Cushioning your investment from the wobbles

October 2018

Investment markets have had a pretty good run over the last few years - but recent wobbles are a good reminder that they can go down as well as up.

Our investors often ask us how we look after their investments in challenging periods. The key is having a rigorous, disciplined investment process that is underpinned by proven investment principles. And just as importantly, it’s about sticking to it during market downturns as well as upturns.

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Share market falls - no cause for alarm

16 October 2018

As you may have seen in the media, global share markets fell sharply at the end of last week. You may be wondering what impact this is having on your investment portfolio and what it means for you.

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How we invest your money

Paul Huxford | August 2018

We’ve put together a short video with our Chief Investment Officer, Paul Huxford. Paul talks about our active investment approach (and what that actually means), how we invest your money internationally, our view on responsible investing and the depth and experience of the ANZ Investments team.

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The benefits of investing internationally

July 2018

Strong companies can be found all over the world, which is just one of the reasons why we invest internationally. There’s much more choice and quality, plus we’re able to spread your investment risk to optimise your returns.

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New Chief Investment Officer for ANZ Investments

11 July 2018

ANZ Investments welcomes Paul Huxford as its new Chief Investment Officer, effective from July 2018. Paul has an impressive international track record leading large teams in global markets, and since April has been working as Acting Chief Investment Officer at ANZ Investments giving him an opportunity to get to know its people, processes and key business drivers.

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Market Flash: 2018 NZ budget round-up

18 May 2018

Yesterday, finance minister Grant Robertson delivered his first Budget. As expected, it sets out the Government’s commitment to what it is calling a “stronger and fairer economy”, while at the same time demonstrating a degree of financial responsibility. We look at what it means for members of ANZ’s three KiwiSaver schemes.

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Ever wondered what your investment fees pay for?

April 2018

You get what you pay for. It’s a commonly used term, but when it comes to your investments, what exactly do you get? What goes on behind the scenes to generate your returns? You may have seen the fee debate around charging for ‘passive’ versus ‘active’ investment approaches. But what’s the difference and how does this translate to investment performance?

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Silver service for your investment 

Trisha Edmonds | April 2018

Leading independent research company, Morningstar, has recently completed a review of all of ANZ Investments’ multi-asset-class (diversified) strategies. We’re delighted to let you know that our multi-asset-class funds have retained their ‘Silver’ Morningstar Analyst Rating™. 

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Time to #PressForProgress with KiwiSaver 

Trisha Edmonds | April 2018

In New Zealand, we have made significant advances in addressing gender imbalances. We’re ranked second in the world for the highest proportion of women with a tertiary education, and more women are working than ever before, making them critical contributors to our economic prosperity.

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Active management and why after-fee returns are important 

Graham Ansell | January 2018

The investment approach your provider takes is an important factor that'll have an impact on the level of returns you can expect to receive, the fees you'll pay and the ability to grow your savings over the long term. 

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Advice for your future

January 2018

Recent research by the Financial Services Council (FSC) has found nearly four in 10 retirees regret not seeking more financial advice. Will you be one of them?

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What lies ahead for 2018?

Craig Mulholland | January 2018

2017 was a momentous year in financial markets, with the New Zealand and global shares up by around 20%.

Find out what we expect for the year ahead, plus we have some top tips to make sure you make the most out of your investment.

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MARKET FLASH: (a big week for financial markets)

Graham Ansell | December 2017

Graham Ansell, Head of Investment Management at ANZ Investments, looks back at an important week for financial markets and discusses what it means for members of ANZ Investments’ three KiwiSaver schemes.

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Meet our experts 

Craig Mulholland Photo


  Craig Mulholland
  Managing Director, Wealth



Craig is responsible for ANZ’s wealth business in New Zealand which includes our insurance products, and funds management including KiwiSaver, Private Bank and Wholesale portfolios. Prior to accepting this role, Craig was General Counsel and Company Secretary, responsible for legal and corporate governance matters for ANZ and its New Zealand businesses. He has been a senior executive in a range of industries in New Zealand and overseas and is a director on a number of companies.


Mark Davies 2 2


  Mark Davies
  General Manager Funds



Mark has overall responsibility for ANZ Wealth's funds product suite and is a member of the Wealth Leadership team. Previously Head of Strategic Initiatives for Wealth, he brings 20+ years' experience in financial services. Prior to joining ANZ in 2011, Mark worked in public practice, investment banking and funds management both in NZ and overseas. Mark is passionate about helping Kiwis improve their financial wellbeing and retirement outcomes.


Paul Huxford


  Paul Huxford
  Chief Investment Officer



Paul is responsible for the management of the ANZ Investments investment team. Paul joined ANZ in 2018 with over 25 years of global capital markets risk experience in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Before joining ANZ, Paul held the following key roles: Managing Director - Europe Middle East and Africa Equities Research (JPMorgan), Managing Director Australian Equities Research (JPMorgan) and Head of New Zealand Country Credit Risk (Bankers Trust/Deutsche).


Trisha Edmonds 1 

  Trisha Edmonds
  Head of Advisory, Distribution Funds



Trisha is responsible for Advisory Distribution in the investment space, working with external Authorised Financial Advisers across the New Zealand financial services industry. Trisha is passionate about all New Zealanders being able to access quality financial advice, particularly with the growth and success of KiwiSaver enabling individuals to have lifestyles of their choice in their retirement years.


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Graham Ansell | April 2017

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Time vs. Timing – which is the right choice?

Graham Ansell | January 2017

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How styles of investment management affect returns and fees

Graham Ansell | October 2016

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Parental leave? Keep on top of your savings

Ana-Marie Lockyer | July 2015

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Finding financial balance, together

Trisha Edmonds | July 2015

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Beating procrastination

Ana-Marie Lockyer | July 2015

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