Market review

ANZ Investments brings you this summary of how investment markets - and the funds you're invested in - performed over the past three months.

Market review - April to June 2017

  • International share markets within developed economies were higher over the quarter, with several hitting record levels.
  • New Zealand shares had one of the best quarters among the developed markets – supported by continued strong economic data. Meanwhile, Australian shares suffered due to poor performance from the financial and retail sectors.
  • Fixed interest markets performed well for much of the quarter. However, a sharp sell-off was triggered by comments from several central banks in the last week of June.
  • The US Federal Reserve hiked the Fed Funds Rate, as expected, with further hikes and balance sheet reduction likely later this year.
  • In New Zealand, the market expects a hike in mid-2018, although this is not included in the Reserve Bank outlook.
  • A major factor for New Zealand investors was the strong New Zealand dollar (NZD), resulting in low or negative returns in NZD terms from unhedged holdings in US and Asian markets.

Read more about how global and local markets performed over the last quarter. 

Fund reports

Read our fund reports to find out how the fund/s you’re invested in performed over the last quarter. 

Responsible investing update - no controversial weapons or tobacco in the KiwiSaver schemes managed by ANZ Investments

We recognise that many of our customers are concerned to ensure their money isn't being invested in companies involved in the manufacture of controversial weapons and tobacco.

The below information sets out our updated position on responsible investing:

  • Our funds do not have any direct or indirect holdings in companies involved in the manufacture of cluster bombs or anti-personnel mines.
  • Our funds do not have any direct or indirect holdings in companies involved in the manufacture of nuclear armaments.
  • Our funds do not have any direct or indirect investments in tobacco companies.

All of the funds in our KiwiSaver schemes have excluded direct investments in controversial weapons and tobacco companies since September 2016. However, the ANZ Default KiwiSaver Scheme Conservative Fund had a potential small exposure to these types of companies, via its investment in an internationally managed index tracking fund.

In April 2017 we launched a new international equities fund that excludes investments in controversial weapons and tobacco. This means that all of the funds in our KiwiSaver schemes now exclude direct and indirect investments in these types of companies for both equities and fixed interest investments.

Market volatility

Investment market volatility is part of investing and does not have to be a cause for panic. Find out more about market volatility.

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