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KiwiSaver updates and news

We think it’s important you stay up-to-date and know the facts when it comes to KiwiSaver. Check this spot for links to the latest news and important updates.

ANZ Investments named 2014 FundSource Fund Manager of the Year

ANZ Investments was recently named 2014 FundSource Fund Manager of the Year and 2014 FundSource KiwiSaver Manager of the Year, as well as winning the sector award categories for NZ Property and International Equity*.


John Body, Managing Director ANZ Wealth, said the awards recognised the effort and commitment of the ANZ Investments team which had experienced strong growth in recent years.


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Women less confident about their retirement

Women are feeling less confident about reaching their retirement savings goals – and with good reason, according to ANZ’s latest retirement savings survey.


The survey of close to 700 people, conducted in October, found that only 34 per cent of women felt very confident or confident of saving enough for their retirement. By contrast, 55 per cent of men were very confident or confident.


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Are you on track to reach your retirement savings goals?

Did you know that your retirement savings may need to last for around 20 years or more?


Whether your dream is to potter in the garden, volunteer in your local community or travel the world, our KiwiSaver account calculator can help you work out whether you’re on track to achieving your retirement savings goals.


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How much will you need to have the retirement you want?

Save more for a better retirement

The typical New Zealander is likely to be retired for around 20 years. Retiring at 65 and living on New Zealand Superannuation may not give you enough money for emergencies, or for the little extras that can make life more pleasant.

James is 30 years old, earns $50,000 a year (before tax), and is in our Lifetimes option. Here’s what his total savings could look like under different contribution options when he’s 65.

The figures used are for illustration only and may not reflect actual returns. For background information and numbers used in this case study, see About our case studies.

1. $318,000 when adjusted for inflation.

2. $204,000 when adjusted for inflation.

3. $175,000 when adjusted for inflation.

See the difference:

Videos: case studies and myth-busters

  • Find out how to maximise your KiwiSaver savings, even if you’re on a contributions holiday or not working right now.

    If you’re eligible for the full year, then just $20 a week (or a lump sum of $1,042.86 a year) is all it takes to get the maximum Government annual contribution of $521.43 a year. 

    If you’re only eligible for part of the year, don’t worry, you won’t miss out.  Your contribution will just be based on the length of time you have been eligible.


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  • Myth: Fees are more important than the type of fund you’ve invested in.

    It’s important to understand that investment performance varies between providers and funds, and fees are just part of the picture you need to consider.


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